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1. Stiles

2. Derek

3. Scott

4. Peter

5. Isaac

6. Jackson

7. Aiden


Drunk in love…

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Some of the 70s in film

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7 Sexy Things Guys Do Without Realizing It

I watched the video that Buzzfeed compiled and I couldn’t help but think of Jean. Being a man who does sexy things, I knew he could demonstrate these moves just as well as the men in the video. But, being Jean, he would have to do them his very own special and unique way.

1. Rolling up their sleeves. Jean realized that rolling his sleeves *up* would be too much for his adoring female fans to handle.

2. Scratching their beard. Often sporting facial hair, this one was a piece of cake!

3. The “Save the Last Dance” lean. This one probably makes more sense to those that have seen the movie (unlike me), but I’m guessing none of those actors upped the ante by bringing it poolside in the middle of winter.

4. Putting their thumb on their lip. Jean throws in some discrete eyebrow action as a bonus.

5. Bracing against the doorframe. He pulled out all the punches for this move. Rather than simply leaning on the doorframe, Jean delighted all women by entering the bedroom and closing the door behind him. When you are that lucky woman…well…nothing more needs to be said.

6. Adjusting their watch and tie. For those that don’t know, Jean suffers from Shirt Button Impairment Syndrome. As such, shirts, buttons, and ties don’t often stand a chance around him.

7. Making good eye contact. Don’t be fooled; this man knows how to reach into the depths of a woman’s soul just with his eyes, but sometimes he just wants to tease you.


I have studied this shot of Jean Dujardin throwing up his sheet and showing off… something… in The Wolf of Wall Street pretty intently, I put on my scientist glasses and lab-coat and held a clipboard, I lightened it and went frame by frame, and I still can’t tell if there’s anything to see. I think some digital wonkery was worked on it, which seems about right - Marty wanted me to put my face right inside of Margot Robbie’s uterus, but Jean’s balls? Heavens no never! See a bigger version and another shot over at the blog.

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"It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut."

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"Memories are worse than bullets."

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